Our facility needs new or upgraded sports lighting. Where do I start?
Contact Torrence Sports Lighting, Inc and we will start the process of designing and making recommendations for your facility.

Do you offer LED Sports Lighting?
We currently offer solutions for LED Indoor sports lighting. The LED outdoor sports lighting is being worked on but not in production at this time.

What other type of lighting can your provide other than sports lighting?
Torrence Sports Lighting, Inc can provide facility design including parking areas, restrooms, pavilions, gymnasiums, and pathways.

Where have I seen you before?
Torrence Sports Lighting, Inc is active in the marketplace providing sports lighting solutions and attending many industry trade shows. We have provided hundreds of projects in all sectors of the market.

Does your lighting system comply with IES RP-6 (Illumination Engineering Society of North America) lighting standards?
Yes. We provide lighting that will meet and exceed specifications for Parks and Recreation, Private Sector, High Schools, Colleges, and Professional Facilities. We are members of the IES organization.

What kind of poles do you provide?
We offer Wood Poles, Steel Poles, and Concrete Poles for sports lighting applications depending on your budget and site conditions.

We have unsuitable soil at our facility. Do you have experience with this?
Yes. We have provided sports lighting projects for every type of soil you could imagine. Our structural engineers can design and provide stamped foundation drawings for your project if a Geo Tech Report is available.

Our facility needs a lighting upgrade but we have minimal funds. What can you do for us?
We can provide new lamps for the existing fixtures, clean reflectors, and re-aim fixtures. This will make a big difference in light level performance.

Once we order a project with your company how long does it take to receive?
A typical lead time to order and ship materials will be 4-6 weeks.

What warranty options do you provide for sports lighting projects?
We offer from 1-year up to 30-year warranties depending on the project and budget for the project.

Do you offer replacement parts for my existing lights?
Yes. We are a sports lighting company that warehouses fixtures, ballast, lamps, lens, reflectors, and crossarms with minimal lead times.

Do you offer a sports lighting system that allows me to control my lights from a remote location?
Yes. We have a lighting system capable of remote control lighting, scheduling, and monitoring field usage via website, mobile phone, landline, and web enabled smart phone.

How long have you been in the sports lighting business?

Our Booster Club is fundraising for lights on our field. Can you help us?
Yes. We attend meetings all the time and provide ideas and detailed information to booster club supporters.

We are applying for a grant and need assistance with the lighting on our project. Can you help us?
Yes. We are experienced with the grant process and what needs to be done for design and pricing.